Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blessing Dresses

from Jon: You have seen the beautiful wedding cakes, the wonderful center pieces, the rooms redecorated, the houses turned into look at the latest two blessing dresses.....Alice and Addilyn were blessed this month, and Bonnie made them both. Alice's dress was made from material from Bonnie's Wedding dress, and the flowers were made from lace that my Grandmother (Alice) and Bonnie's mom (Shirley) had. I love her so much!!!
Photo by Rachel of Luminosity Photography

This dress was made for Lillie, the oldest of the three granddaughters.  Bonnie made it out of her wedding dress which started the tradition of each of the daughters getting a dress made for their oldest daughter's blessing day.

Lillie's Dress also made by Bonnie from her wedding dress September 2009

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  1. I love that these were made from weeding dresses. Again, beautiful. Good job!!!